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United Capital Funding is an invoice factoring and accounts receivables management company, specializing in business funding services for increased working capital and cash flow. Our firm’s reputation is impeccable and is known throughout the invoice factoring industry as an innovative, professional organization. We serve the funding needs of businesses and companies to enable them to realize their financial goals.

  • Business Factoring

    Funding via Business Factoring

    Our proven, professional funding service offers you great flexibility and has few restrictions. As your business grows, your funding is able to increase according to your cash flow needs. When you use our professional factoring services, you are not incurring debt; you are simply releasing your own assets to be put back in your own business, just as if your clients were paying COD. Since you are not borrowing money, there are no repayments.

  • A/R Management


    As part of our comprehensive invoice factor services, you will also benefit by receiving a full AR management and administrative team to serve your needs. Our services include the administration, confirmation and collection of invoices, with state-of-the-art online reporting on all AR managed.


  • Invoice Factoring Software


    Our invoice factoring software is the world’s premier system to provide businesses the ability to track and view important cash flow or financial information online.


Over $2 billion funded to businesses since 1997!

  • Benefits of Factoring

    • As the client, YOU pick and choose the invoices that you would like to factor with a normal advance rate of 80%
    • Funds wired into your account
    • Invoices eligible up to 30 days from the date of invoice
    • No monthly service fees. Compare this to your bank, or other factors! The only fee is a nominal wire/ACH transfer fee
    • Fees based on a 5 day term, not 15 or 30 days as common in the industry
    • All reports online and available at no cost.
    • Fast turnaround; most decisions can be made within 24 hours
    • Minimal contact with your clients
    • No personal guarantee – validity guarantee only
    • No origination fees, no long term contracts, application fees, annual renewal fees, or termination fees. Compare this to your bank!
    • No minimum funding requirements and no requirement to factor all invoices
    • Credit reports available on new clients at no cost
    • No geographical limits
    • Client growth and factoring relationship aligned.
  • What Clients Say

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United Capital Funding has provided working capital to our clients by factoring commercial Accounts Receivables [AR] from 65 of the top 72 Most Admired Fortune 500 firms in the world.

  • apple

  • UPS

  • PepsiCo

  • Samsung Electronics

  • Home Depot