14th Annual Convention Receivables Finance International

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April 1-2, 2014 Warsaw, Poland

I have had the great pleasure and honor to be able to speak at a series of leading global symposiums and conventions over the past 10+ years or so. I have found these types of meetings both very educational and informative; and believe that it is very important to continue to learn about what other firms in the specialized commercial finance and funding industry around the world are doing to grow and survive.

Recently, I was invited to teach a Master Class and speak at the largest global Convention of its kind for factoring professionals in the world. The 14th Annual Receivables Finance International Convention “RFIX” took place at the Sheraton Hotel in Warsaw, Poland from March 31st to April 2nd, 2014.

This International Event attracted key sponsors including: Codix, HPD Software, Squire Sanders, Efcom, FIDIS, DEMICA, Neurosoft, Financial Company Politeks, Smart Factor, Premium Technology and ING. Association and Media Partners included FCI, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, International Chamber of Commerce, IFG, IB Contacts, Supply Chain Brain, Poliski Zwiazek Faktorow and TRF News.

Attendees were senior management teams from business finance companies, factoring companies, banks, and asset based financiers as well as corporate executives. Receivables finance and supply chain experts from 30 countries including Estonia, Egypt, Spain, The United Kingdom, Ghana, Poland, France, Malta, Italy, The Netherlands, Germany, The United States, Turkey, Denmark, Switzerland, Russia, Finland, Austria, Iceland, Australia, Norway, Sweden, Croatia, Greece, Slovenia, Belgium, Romania, Belarus and New Zeeland attended and or spoke at the Convention. With regards to my own experience, I have had the opportunity to speak at several other BCR and International Conferences in the past in San Francisco, Hong Kong, Madrid, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Vienna, Amsterdam, Rome, Tianjin, China, Turkey, Poland, Brussels, Paris and London over the past several years.

I found it fascinating that regardless of what continent or which country we all came from, most if not all of the funding firms at the Convention share similar opportunities and challenges in the day to day operations of their commercial finance businesses.

For the first time in the 14 year history of this Convention, a series of Master Classes were scheduled before the actual opening day of the Convention on March 31, 2014. I was one of two speakers asked to prepare and present Master Classes on subjects relevant to the International Factoring Industry. My 3 hour Master Class, entitled Marketing Excellence in Receivables Finance provided attendees a thorough understanding of marketing concepts, tools and techniques specific to receivables finance. The goal of my master Class was to present ideas on how to materially increase the marketing ROI to firms in the International Factoring and Finance industries, and to improve sales and gain competitive advantages for their organizations.

The other Master Class addressed a series of issues related to Supply Chain Finance and On Boarding. Experts who instructed this Master Class included executives from ING Commercial Banking, Whirlpool Corporation and others.

Over the course of the first day of the 2 day Convention, presentations covered a wide range of topics relevant to the Supply Chain and Commercial Finance Industry. These included the following:

  • The Impact of New Trade Flows and other High Value Determinants on the Future Evolution of the Global Receivables Industry
  • A Regional Perspective; How the Polish and CEE Receivables Market is Evolving in Order to Develop a Future Growth Strategy
  • Accelerating Innovation: Why it is Increasingly Essential for Meeting Client Needs and Achieving Competitive Advantage
  • Enabling Automation of the Financial Supply Chain: the Cloud and Straight Through Processing
  • Receivables & Supply Chain Finance; Get Up to Date With a Rapidly Evolving Market
  • Working Capital Management: Optimizing Cash Flow, Reducing Supply Chain Liabilities and Driving Working capital productivity
  • Risk Management; To What Extent Can New Technologies Influence The Business Strategy in Providing Optimum Risk Management?
  • Risk Management; From Trade Credit to Counterparty Risk
  • Understanding Supply Chain Finance
  • A Case Study of How Cross Border Receivables Financing is Enforced
  • Developing Value in an Invoice Finance Business: What Makes it Ripe for Investment?

My second presentation occurred on Tuesday, April 1, 2014 and was entitled “Marketing for Factors in a New Era.” It addressed concepts and topics such as the re-evaluation of traditional marketing techniques, implementation of digital marketing channels and how to plan for future challenges in the marketing of factoring and specialized financial services and products.

Presentations on the second full day of the Convention included:

  • Insights Into Syndication: Exploiting the Growing demand for Bigger Factoring Solutions
  • Evaluating the Growing Interest in Securitization of Trade Receivables: Is It Viable?
  • Funding of Working Capital: Strategic Fit of Trade Receivables Securitization and Supply Chain Finance
  • Establishing Consistency in the Balance Sheet Treatment of Receivables Finance
  • Examining the Entry and Role of Independent Commercial Factors in the Chinese Market
  • Doing Business in Russia and the CIS: A Practical Guide
  • Has BRIC Hit a Wall?
  • What Companies Are Best Placed to Profit from the New MINT Economies?
  • Exploring the New Economic Giants and How the Receivables Finance Industry Needs to Respond

Overall, this Convention represented the largest single event of its kind for global receivables finance firms ever held so far. It is anticipated that next years’ Convention will be even larger and more comprehensive in scope.  Events like this Convention are very important to assist in the global growth of receivables finance and working capital related funding opportunities, and I hope to have the opportunity again to participate in this much anticipated event next year.

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