Government Invoice Factoring

government invoice factoring

Government Funding & Factoring

We are experts in helping businesses and contractors that provide products and services to the government (Federal, State, Local, Municipal) grow, fund payroll and prosper.

At United Capital Funding, we understand that your business that provides a product or service to a government entity is not like any other business. Why? Because since 1997, we have provided Over $2 billion in working capital to businesses that serve Federal, State, Local and Municipal governments to help them grow, purchase needed supplies, make payroll and prosper.

Most businesses that work for the government don’t have a lot of fixed assets, like machinery or inventory. And most lenders don’t understand that one of your largest and most valuable assets is your Accounts Receivables [AR][/AR] or invoices that you have sent to the government or your joint venture partner for the time worked and billed, or the product that you supply the government. We do!

We are experts in dealing with all facets of government work, including, but not limited to, working with your CO, documentation requirements like Notice of Assignment and Assignment of Claim forms. Due to our nearly 15 years of government experience, we are able to do what most banks wouldn’t even consider; use your government invoices as the only collateral for working capital you need to run and grow your business. We can do this even if you are a “start up” an 8(a) contractor, or have had a recent history of a less than profitable performance.

You can use our funding to acquire products that you are selling to the government, make payroll, hire more employees or 1099 workers working for the government, and grow. Applying for our professional services takes only a couple of minutes, and we can usually fund your government business in a few days after we complete our due diligence process Notice of Assignment and Assignment of Claim forms. Unlike most other firms, we NEVER charge any application, set up, documentation or closing fees. Apply online securely for your no-obligation proposal for our professional services today.

Government Contract Invoice Factoring

Are you a government contractor in need of working capital and cash flow?

Are you concerned about having the financial resources required to complete the next government contract? United Capital Funding is a funding company that can enhance capital for your firm on pending payment of invoices from government contracts. We offer an accounts receivable-based funding solution that provides immediate access to capital.

Companies that benefit from factoring of government receivables may be contractors for federal, state or county contracts. In many cases, MWOB (Minority and Women Owned Businesses) and SBA 8(a) organizations are eligible to factor government receivables.

United Capital Funding is an expert in government contractor financing. We have been providing cash flow funding and working capital to government contractors since 1997.

United Capital Funding is experienced, knowledgeable, and flexible when it comes to government receivable funding. We have worked with a variety of agencies including the Department of Defense, the Postal Service, HUD, ATF, CDC, AAFES, and many more. We have also financed government receivables due from an array of state, county, and local municipalities.

As a supplier of goods and services to government entities, you may encounter a variety of issues as it relates to working capital needs including the following:

  • You need cash for payroll and taxes
  • You are unable to service the terms of your suppliers
  • You have outgrown your bank
  • You require capital for expansion lines
  • You want to accept the next large government contract but you are concerned about the capital required to complete the task. United Capital Funding is the solution to these problems.

United Capital Funding can work with any almost any business entity selling to the Government. Examples of clients that we have served in the past include:

  • Supplier of ammunition, including government defense contracts
  • Provider of outsourced suppliers to AAFES and NEXCOM labor
  • Supplier of infrared equipment
  • Advertising agencies for various government programs.

The Government is a desirable customer but in many cases government contractors wait 30 or 60 days to get paid. United Capital Funding has developed a simple, easy, and quick process to get government contractors the capital they are looking for. United Capital Funding can typically fund your invoices to the government within 24 hours of the invoices being approved. Funds are wired directly into your account.

United Capital Funding does not require your company to have history of contracting for the government. We are willing to work with start-up enterprises or entities that are new to the government space. We realize that these can be the times when the needs of additional working capital are greatest.

When working with the Federal Government, any receivables funding must follow the guidelines set forth in the Assignment of Claim Act and the processes set forth in the Federal Acquisition Regulations.

United Capital Funding is an invoice factoring company that is very familiar with the processes and will insure that your invoices are paid as quickly as possible.

Why should you choose United Capital Funding to factor your Government Contract Invoices?

  • Credit line based on percentage of eligible accounts receivable
  • Easy to understand fee structure, based on a 5 day fee structure
  • Government receivables funded within 24 hours
  • Eliminate the need for bank loans or SBA loans
  • Funding can take place in 5 to 7 working days, once the Notice of Assignment is in place.

Factoring Benefits government contractors receive:

  • No minimum monthly or annual funding requirements; you select the invoices, and amount of funding you need
  • Advance rate of 80% of eligible invoices, with no “permanent” reserve
  • No monthly service fees, origination fees, renewal fees, termination or penalty fees
  • No “deposit” for our due diligence efforts
  • No documentation fees
  • No personal guarantees required; only validity guarantee
  • No financial covenants
  • Online access to invoice factoring reports available at no cost; provided on a 24/7 basis
  • Professional, back office support on invoice follow-up and collection services. This allows the factoring client to decrease their internal overhead and related costs.

Whether you are a start-up or a twenty million dollar operation, apply today using our no cost, easy application process, and get an answer quickly. In most cases, we can provide funding for government contractors quickly. We can fund up to $2 Million a month for larger government vendors. Contact us in confidence at (877) 894-8232 to discuss your needs, or simply complete our application for the fastest response.

At United Capital Funding, we recognize that excellence in any organization is never an accident. It is achieved only as a result of an unrelenting and vigorous insistence on the consistent delivery of the highest standard of accounts receivables factoring services to clients. Our focus on serving you will help ensure the success of your business. Our government receivables factoring program is a tool that can take your firm to the next level. We look forward to helping you in the near future to expand your business in government contracts. Contact us today in confidence to discuss how we can add you as another satisfied client at United Capital Funding.

Government Contractor Invoice Factoring

United Capital Funding has an extensive history of providing government receivable finance to contractors around the United States.

Our clients provide a variety of different products and services to the U. S. government and related agencies. We can normally wire you 80% of the amount of your invoices within 24 hours of the invoices being approved by the government agency. Below are several case studies detailing typical scenarios where United Capital Funding assisted a government contractor with their working capital needs.

Case Studies

Government Contracts Factoring Case Study: DOD Contractor

United Capital Funding was approached by a midsized ammunition manufacturer (ABC) based in Central Florida. The organization had a strong management team but the entity was thinly capitalized. ABC had recently upgraded and automated several of the manufacturing lines. During this process they purchased a great deal of equipment. Although the equipment was financed through bank financing, the capital expenditures hurt cash flow and limited ABC’s ability to finance their working capital through institutional channels.

ABC always had large accounts receivable balances due from the Federal government but they needed liquidity. United Capital Funding was able to structure a facility where they provided cash within 24 hours of an invoice being approved by the government. These advances enabled ABC to expand their operations and bid on additional government contracts. ABC was able to focus on manufacturing and sales. ABC no longer had to deal with the stress related to servicing payroll needs or keeping suppliers happy. ABC’s profitability increased over 500% during their relationship with United Capital Funding.

Government Contractors Financing Case Study: IT Staffing Company doing business with various government agencies including HUD, U.S.P.S. and GSA.

An IT staffing company was having difficulty meeting its working capital demands. The company had traditional bank financing in place but they were constantly bumping up against the credit line maximum imposed by the bank. At the same time, the bank continued to impose stricter loan covenants. The bank’s strategy made it nearly impossible for the entity to expand. The company was doing business with various government agencies including HUD, U.S.P.S. and GSA.

The company evaluated a factoring strategy to replace the traditional financing. In five days United Capital Funding paid off the bank and freed up more than $500,000 for the company. This approach provided the company with the ability to procure new government contracts without having to be concerned that they may not have enough capital to meet the payroll requirements.

Invoice Factoring of Government Contracts Case Study: Public Relations Company serving various government agencies including the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

The upfront demands for working capital in the marketing/PR space require businesses in that arena to have a very large amount of working capital. Various media outlets require payment up front for advertising. In many cases, the businesses have minimal fixed assets and have difficulty procuring credit. United Capital Funding was able to leverage amounts due from various government agencies including the Center of Disease Control and Prevention and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to provide the company with the working capital it needed to meet the demands of the media outlets.

Companies that benefit from factoring of government receivables may be contractors for federal, state or county contracts. In many cases, MWOB (Minority and Women Owned Businesses) and SBA 8(a) organizations are eligible to factor government receivables.

When working with the Federal Government, any receivables funding must follow the guidelines set forth in the Assignment of Claims Act and the processes set forth in the Federal Acquisition Regulations. United Capital Funding is an expert in these processes.

Advantages of our Professional Services for Your Business

No Cost Application and Approval Process

  • No long term contract or minimum volume requirements
  • No monthly service fees
  • You remain in control, by having the freedom to pick and choose which government client and invoices to factor
  • High advance rate, usually 80%
  • Very competitive, simple to understand professional fee structure
  • 24 / 7 / 365 secure online tools to help you better manage your cash flow and business
  • NO personal guarantee required, just a validity guarantee
  • 15 years of experience in the government sector, with excellent government client references available for your use in completing due diligence on us.

Government Invoice Factoring Testimonials

“UCF had been a great partner to my company. My account representative has been extremely professional and helpful on every transaction. I recommend UCF every chance I get.” – Florida Government Contracting (Supply) Company

“The account representative is the best. When she had an emergency medical leave, the replacement obviously had been well information on our account resulting in a flawless transition. I would highly recommend UCF to anyone seeking a funding company. The online reporting system is great. I really like how tightly secured that it is.”- Georgia Government Contracting (Consulting) Company

We have worked with the following agencies and states:

Federal Government Agencies

Board of Governors Federal Reserve System

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Explosives

Centers for Disease Control

Central Intelligence Agency

Department of Agriculture

Department of Commerce

Department of Defense

Department of Energy

Department of Justice

Department of State

Department of the Air Force

Department of the Army

Department of the Navy

Department of Transportation

Department of Veteran Affairs


Federal Aviation Administration

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Federal Home Loan bank

General Services Administration


National Gallery of Art

National Guard

National Park Service


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

U.S. Department of Commerce

U.S. Department of Homeland Security

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

U.S. Department of the Interior

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

United States Army Reserve

United States Coast Guard

United States Department of Agriculture

United States Environmental Protection Agency

United States Olympic Committee

United States Postal Service






















New Hampshire

New Jersey

New York



Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota







Non Profit Agencies

AARP Foundation

American Cancer Society

American Constitutional Society

American Diabetes Association

American Federation of Government

American Heart Association

American Red Cross

Americans for Immigration Control

Americans for Peace Now

Asia Society

Boy Scouts of America

Boys and Girls Club of America

Children’s Hospital of Atlanta

Common Cause Education Fund

Drug Policy Alliance

Farm Sanctuary

Goodwill Industries

Habitat for Humanity

Helen Keller International

Marine Toys for Tots

Muscular Dystrophy Association

National Aquarium

National Art Gallery

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Nature Conservancy

Planned Parenthood

Prevention of Blindness Society

Salvation Army

Special Olympics

St. Jude Children’s Research

The Humane Society of the United States

The Y

United Steel Workers

United Way

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