Have You Considered Business Receivable Factoring?

Are you tired of waiting weeks or even months for your customers to get around to paying you? Maybe you’re wasting valuable staff resources, sending out repeated invoices or chasing payments on the phone. In extreme cases, unpaid invoices can lead to a cash flow crisis, leaving you unable to pay employees, buy raw materials or meet your overheads. In these situations, business receivable factoring can work exceptionally well.

What Is Business Receivable Factoring?

Rather than waiting until your invoices are finally paid, why not sell them to us? We are often able to purchase your unpaid invoices, paying you cash upfront for a significant percentage of their value. Once we’ve collected the outstanding debt, we pay you a further percentage, ensuring you receive a sizable amount of the money which is due to you. You can choose which invoices you would like us to buy and will receive the initial cash payment for these invoices regardless of whether we’re able to collect on them or not.

What Are The Advantages Of Business Receivable Factoring?

A key advantage is the certainty of cash in the bank, rather than the uncertainty of a paid invoice at some point in the future. We do all the chasing for you, freeing up your team to concentrate on your core business. Typically it takes us only a few days to complete the sale process, which means the money is quickly transferred to your account. If you’ve got staff to pay or materials to buy, a swift cash injection could make all the difference.

Leading Provider Of Business Receivable Factoring Services

We work with a wide range of different businesses, providing professional accounts receivable factoring services that give our clients the results they want. Prompt, experienced and transparent in its dealings, we’re the provider of choice for a growing number of businesses who don’t want to wait for their debtors to pay in order to enjoy cash benefits. To find out more, call us now at (877) 894-8232.