Financial Services

Services include International Factoring and Trade Finance Solutions, Management Services and Associate Liquidity Solutions, and  Factoring Accounts Receivable and Asset Based Funding.

United Capital Funding revolutionized the specialized Financial Services Industry with its JIT [just in time] pricing model and flexible factoring services.

Factoring is a complete financial solution for your business that combines working capital funding, credit protection, Accounts Receivable accounting and professional monitoring services.

We are periodically asked to provide services other than our focused, professional factoring services by our clients and prospects. At the current time, our vision is to grow with our clients by providing them with prompt, accurate, customized factoring and Accounts Receivable management services only. This focused approach provides our clients the security of knowing that they are in the right hands.

United Capital Funding is aware of firms in the specialized financial services industry that offer other services sometimes used by small businesses, in addition to factoring. We are pleased to be able to list some of these firms on this page of our website. This information adds strength and diversity to our capabilities as a leading funding services firm and to meet the needs of our clients.

Before you contact any of the firms listed here, please be sure to read the following important information about our relationship with these firms, and the note about our Privacy Policy at the bottom of this page.

The sole purpose of this information is to provide you sources for other forms of funding. Information provided here does not constitute, nor is it intended to constitute professional advice or service. We strongly encourage you to perform your own due diligence on any of the firms listed here. Please also be advised that information on our websites changes continuously, and the information is available to you “as is” without any guaranty or warranty of any kind.

Although accuracy is important to United Capital Funding, we shall have no responsibility for errors and omissions contained on our websites, nor shall United Capital Funding have any responsibility for any results obtained from the use of information provided on our websites. In no event will United Capital Funding, our directors, officers or employees be liable to any party for loss or damage of any kind arising from the use or inability to use our websites.

We want you to consider using the firms listed here. However, it is important for you to recognize that the information on all services provided by the firms listed here is provided only for your convenience, for general information purposes only and remains outside our control. We are not responsible for any content presented, and providing this information does not imply any endorsement of the site, information, company, products or services provided.

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