Invoice Factoring Services

At United Capital Funding, we believe in working with our clients on a partnership level in assisting with quick, easy and stress-free invoice factoring services. Over our almost two decades in providing factoring to small and large businesses we have provided over $2.5B or 2.5 billion in funds, which is a milestone in our service to clients.

However, we don’t stop at providing capital. Instead, we offer a unique ability to customize services to meet your needs, which includes everything from back office services on the accounts we manage to provide support for financial planning for our clients.

Transparency and Customer-Centered Focus

One of the most important differences between United Capital Funding and other factoring services is our emphasis on personalized service and full transparency for our clients. With our company, you won’t find any hidden fees or unexpected charges, and we take the time to review our agreements with each of our clients as part of our service.

We also understand that your business is going to change over time. One way we address this is to work without the need for a long-term contract. Other factors may lock businesses into a one-year agreement with minimum volume requirements, but we don’t feel this is effective for customers, so we take a different approach.

With our service, you won’t have a long-term contract, and you won’t pay any application or termination fees. You are under no obligation to choose us as your factor even if you are approved through our service, which allows our clients to compare us to the competition.

Our Simplified Factoring Process

For any business interested in our invoice factoring services, we have a simple, streamlined process to provide the funds needed to qualified businesses. We have cut out all the red tape and complicated applications, which means that in just a few minutes you can complete the application online from the comfort of your own office or even from your tablet or smartphone.

The basics of the application and factoring process are the same for all types of businesses across the industries we serve. To help understand the process here is a step-by-step outline of what you can expect.

    • Step 1 – Make a Sale – selling to a current customer or a new customer is what your business is all about. As you increase your sales or service to your customers and extend them 30 or 60 of credit, you may find you have cash flow problems or funding gaps.


    • Step 2 –Ship to your Customer – once you actually invoice and ship to your customer, you can then use the accounts receivable to secure funding. You can choose the value and the number of accounts receivables you wish to fund. We can provide funding from $25,000 to $4,000,000.


    • Step 3 – Apply to United Capital Funding for Invoice Factoring Services – this is done online and involves simple information that you will be able to find quickly and easily. You can apply online for your convenience.


    • Step 4 – Approval within 24 Hours – you can expect approval within 24 hours if your business qualifies.


    • Step 5 –Funds in your Account – within just a few days, up to 80% of the funds will be in your business bank account. You can use this money to pay suppliers, make payroll or buy materials or supplies.


    • Step 6 – United Capital Funding Manages the Account until Payment is Complete – we will take care of everything, including collections if necessary. We will notify you once the account is paid in full.


    • Step 7 – Reserve Wired to your Business Account – once paid in full; we will deduct our fees and ensure the residual amount of the reserve funds are transferred to your bank.

To learn more about our streamlined and client-friendly invoice factoring services, give us a call at 877-894-8232. Our experienced factoring staff would be happy to answer questions and get your application started today.

We are here for you at United Capital Funding. We are committed to delivering a professional, clear, and helpful service of our application, approval and funding process.

Invoice Factoring Process

We have an effective Invoice Factoring Process that will help you increase your businesses cash flow and working capital. This means you have more cash on hand to fund projects, payroll, etc

The following is an outline of the processes involved in invoice factoring. Illustrating how United Capital Funding will, with your cooperation, oversee your Accounts Receivables. Improving your businesses working capital and cash flow, and alleviating the administration involved in raising invoices and chasing payment of receivables:

  • Your business receives an order for from one of your customers.
  • Your Business ships the order to the customer.
  • Your business uses United Capital Funding to Factor the Invoice.
  • After our verification process, United Capital Funding advances the invoice amount to your business.
  • Your customer now pays the invoice amount to United Capital Funding.
  • Reserve funds are wired to your business from United Capital Funding.
  • The process repeats itself.

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