The Basics Of Working Capital Factoring

The services offered at United Capital Funding provides working capital factoring for businesses small and large. Factoring provides a steady cash flow for a business through funding based on accounts receivables.

The Process

Factoring is a very simple process. All it requires is a quick online application that allows our experts to review the information and provide a quote based on the accounts receivables you wish to sell. This application process is typically completed within 24 hours and, once your accounts receivables are submitted, up to 80% or more of the value will be transferred to your account within days.

As the factor, we then take over managing those accounts, working as your back office. Upon payment of the invoice by your customer, we will deduct our fees from the amount withheld and forward the residual to your account.

Uses For Working Capital Factoring

For a small business, working capital factoring provides a steady cash flow and eliminates the gap between invoicing and payment. This allows a business to use the funding to:

  • Take advantage of cash discounts for replacing inventory and materials
  • Accept new contracts
  • Hire new employees or purchase additional equipment
  • Make payroll and stay current on all financial obligations of the business, even in seasonal slowdowns

With the option to factor just the accounts receivables you choose and no long-term contracts or minimum volume requirements, United Capital Funding offers the customized funding options your business needs.

To learn more about factoring or to get started with our simple application, give us a call today at 877.894.8232.