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Understanding factoring rates by United Capital Funding

When your business finds itself in need of additional financing, factoring could be the right solution for you to consider. This allows business owners to sell their B2B commercial Accounts Receivable to a factoring firm in exchange for instant funding. Factoring is not right for every business, however, and depends heavily on how much money you are owed by your client’s outstanding invoices and what your profit margins are. If you think factoring is a viable option to get your business the immediate funding it needs, then contact us today.

We offer fast and professional factoring as an alternative to traditional bank methods to get you the immediate funds you need for your business to remain competitive and to help your company grow. Depending on your business and the amount of your B2B Accounts Receivables, you may be eligible for $25,000 to $4,000,000. These funds can then be used to expand your business or inventory, bring in new hires or assist with generalized cash flow.

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