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United Capital Funding is here to build custom financial solutions that fit your business’ unique needs. Our experienced staff will work with you on a financial plan to ensure all of your specific monetary needs are met. The process to create a unique, custom plan that’s been tailored just for your company quickly and professionally.

Check out these success stories of UCF creating custom financial solutions for businesses:

  1. United Capital Funding provided a customized financial solution for an electronics distributor that came in the form of a working capital facility for their inventory, in addition to a traditional working capital facility. They were able to receive cash based on the inventory they had in their warehouse at any given time, which provided an extra stream of cash flow to help them grow.
  2. Another customized solution was tailored for a clothing manufacturer that produces a seasonal football product. UCF was able to provide a purchase order finance line to get them through the off-season when invoices were not being generated.
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