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Information Technology Factoring

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At United Capital Funding, we understand that our clients have many different factoring companies to consider. We know that we offer our clients superior factoring services, speed of application and funding, and a range of additional services not available through many other factors.

Our confidence in being able to provide information technology factoring comes from our extensive experience of almost two decades in the factoring business, but it also focuses in on our specialized teams of industry experts.

With our information technology factoring team your business has several advantages. By taking a look at how each can positively impact your daily business, we are confident you will see how we can provide the factoring services you need. Invoice factoring for IT companies is pretty common throughout the United States because of the pressing payroll needs of successful information technologies company.

IT Industry Experience

With our industry expertise in the IT field, our staff is able to create personalized and customize factoring agreements for all customers. These are designed to work with your needs in mind, not simply asking your company to fit into our services.

Our experience in the industry also positions us to have more exposure to your customers through past factoring experiences. This makes approving the factoring application much quicker and easier, and it also helps us to be able to provide information on the creditworthiness of your potential new clients.

This is a great asset to your IT business. You can structure your work agreements to reflect their creditworthiness, choosing to perhaps extend credit to top companies while shortening terms on those that may have a history of slower payment.

Our Fees

At United Capital Funding, we offer highly affordable cash flow financing with competitive rates. We also offer no hidden fees or additional costs, which means your application is free, there is no obligation to use our services even with approval, and we do not charge a termination fee at the end of our service.

Just to be very clear, we also do not charge startup fees, due diligence fees, or documentation fees. Our back office services, or our work to collect on the accounts receivable we hold, are also free of any fees to you.

We also do not have a minimum volume fee. This provides our clients with the option to use our services as needed, or to choose not too if there is no need for immediate cash during peak business times. This level of support and backing is invaluable and gives complete control over accounts receivables as well as your business.

Transparency and Reporting

For all of our clients, but most particularly relevant to the information technology industry, we offer a secure, and state-of-the-art portal for our clients to use. This allows you to check the status of any of your accounts and know exactly where we are in the collection or payment process. This will assist you in financial planning for your business, and also provides a level of transparency that is essential for a positive working relationship.

Invoice Factoring Benefits for IT Companies

With our information technology factoring, your company will have access to the funds they need based on work they have already performed. This is very different than a loan, and there is no concern about repayments, interest, penalties or any issues with impacting your credit score.

With the funds on hand, your information technology business can choose to use the money for any number of expenses related to your business. For many companies this will include being able to make payroll, helping to ensure you can retain top professionals to provide IT services as well as to bring in new staff to handle new work and new opportunities.

Finally, with the use of factoring, you will lower or eliminate bad debt on your books. With our advanced due diligence on customers the risk is greatly reduced, and with Not a true statement. We are a modified non-recourse and if the invoice is paid the client is ultimately responsible for the repayment of the invoice. The customer would not be responsible if the debtor went bankrupt in the 1 -60 day window of the invoice. We take responsibility since we did the credit qualifying. Please reword the above statement. We know you have questions about how information technology factoring can work for your business. You can read the FAQ section of the website for more information, but to help you get just the specific answers needed us a call at 877-894-8232 and let’s talk about your specific IT business.

Information Factoring

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