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Mandula Featured Speaker EuroSummit 2014

(Saint Petersburg, FL) –  United Capital Funding Corp. announced today that Mark S. Mandula, Managing Partner of United Capital Funding Corp. will be a featured speaker at the European Business Union Economic Eurosummit to be held at St. James Court Buckingham Gate, London on April 11, 2014.

“This will be the 3rd Eurosummit event that I have been honored to participate in” commented Mandula. “As the only invited presenter from the United States, my presentation will be a unique opportunity to educate other about how businesses can effectively market their services to SME’s in Russia and the European Union.” Eurosummit, organized by the European Business Union, included leading Managing Directors, CEOs, Presidents, International Managers and Directors from Business Finance Companies, Banks, and Asset Based Financiers. Mandula’s presentation will discuss “International Capital Markets and Alternative Means of Raising Capital.”

Mandula is Principal and Managing Partner of United Capital Funding Corp. United is the leading professional Accounts Receivable funding, and AR management services based firm in the United States today. Since 1997 United has successfully provided funding and managed $2.5 Billion to entrepreneurial firms with annual revenue from startup stage to over $200 Million. United is headquartered in the Tampa Bay Florida area, and also has regional offices in Nashville, Tennessee and Charlotte, North Carolina.  Most recently, Mandula has been an invited speaker at International Financier Conferences and symposiums globally, including in Hong Kong, Madrid, Shanghai, Amsterdam, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Vienna, Rome, Tainjin [China], Istanbul, Warsaw, Brussels, Chicago, Brussels, Paris, London and San Francisco.

Prior to ownership in United in 2000, Mandula served as Owner/CEO of several specialized financial service firms. He also served as Executive Vice President/Principal in an Investment Banking firm and was involved in over 500 Merger & Acquisitions transactions in the Financial Services Industry. Mandula has been an invited speaker at the American Bankers Association National Convention, Invited Lecturer for 7 years at the Bank Administration Institute National Banking School, Independent Bankers Association of America National Conference, and also numerous corporate presentations, including IBM and others. He also recently was awarded a Certificate in Private Capital Markets from the Graziado School of Business and Management, Pepperdine University.

Mandula has published or coauthored several books on Strategic Planning Process, and Valuation techniques in the M&A process. He has also had articles published in Mergers and Acquisitions: The Journal of Corporate Venture; ABA Banking Journal and other financial industry publications. He has spoken and attended numerous Industry conferences, including those sponsored by the American Cash Flow Organization, Commercial Finance Association and the International Factoring Association.

About United Capital Funding Corporation

United Capital Funding Corporation provides Intelligent Working Capital via factoring, credit insurance coverage and efficient Accounts Receivable management solutions to clients nationwide. These professional services allow clients to strengthen their cash flow, streamline internal operations and assist them in competing successfully in the current challenging economic environment. United recently exceeded $2 Billion in funded and managed relationships since its formation in 1997. Starting with a single Florida based client, United Capital Funding now serves clients in 29 states, and is based in Tampa Bay, Florida. United also has a regional offices in Nashville, Tennessee and Charlotte, North Carolina.

United Capital Funding is the fiscally savvy alternative for healthy companies in the staffing, government, manufacturing, service, distribution, technology and professional services sectors looking to profit from the flexibility and speed of partnering with a privately held, well capitalized source. A partnership with United Capital Funding Corp. results in a client gaining monetary as well as back room efficiencies to better compete in the current very competitive economic environment. Additional information on the specialized business financial services provided by United, including factoring, Accounts Receivable management, and working capital are available online at their website; www.ucfunding.com


Article Posted On: April 01, 2014

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