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If you’ve just started a business, or have a small, fledgling enterprise that you’re gradually trying to build up, having enough cash to keep going is critical. Particularly in those fragile early days, it only takes a few clients not to pay on time to leave you in serious financial difficulty. Many new business owners will have invested much of their capital into start-up costs, leaving them with very little to meet on-going expenses until invoices are paid. If you find that you’re struggling to stay afloat, small business factoring could be the perfect solution.

Successful Factoring Results In Rapid Cash Availability

For organizations that need money now, selling some or all of their accounts receivable to a factoring company can be a greatly beneficial decision. As a business owner, you decide exactly which invoices to sell. We will buy your invoices and pay you a percentage of their value. Once we’ve collected them on, we will pay you a second installment of cash, giving you anything up to 90% of your invoice value. Professional fees may also be as low as 0.2%.

Swift, Straight-Forward Answer To Cash Flow Problems

For businesses that don’t want to be tied in to a loan, factoring is a workable solution to keep you running smoothly. Typically the selling process only takes a few days, so you can use the needed cash in time to pay workers, meet bills or buy the materials you require to keep your business running successfully. You don’t have to waste valuable resources on chasing debts; as once you’ve sold them to us, we do all the chasing for you. For many small businesses, responsible factoring can really make a difference.

Committed To Helping Our Customers Grow

We are a successful factoring company that prides itself on operating in an honest, transparent and helpful manner. Our aim is to provide a responsible, tailored financial option for all our customers, enhancing their chances of business success. To find out more about how small business factoring could completely transform your bottom line, call us at (877) 894-8232.

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