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The Competitive Advantage

  • United has the ability to move quickly. Pre-approval is completed within 24-hours and funding within five business days.
  • United's fees and rates are significantly lower than other factoring companies.
  • United's policies and procedures are under constant scrutiny of the bank examiners. This results in a more professional approach with customers.
  • Your clients can continue making payments to the name of our customer vs. XYZ Factor.
  • United has no termination fees or penalties.
  • United's pricing is calculated from funding date. Many of our competitors charge from invoice date.
  • United allows the customer to finance as needed. The customer does not have to factor every invoice, nor is there a monthly minimum requirement.
  • United has the ability to partner with a bank that has a working capital line in place with a company in order to carve out a specific debtor concentration.
  • United provides professional, comprehensive accounts receivable finance management, including credit reviews for account debtors credit protection and collection assistance (upon request).
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